Invalid credentiales !!!

Hello, I have copied the portable xampp folder from my local installation to another computer and it won’t let me in with my correct username and password. Why does this happen?
invoice ninja v4.5.18

Did you copy the database using mysqldump ???

No, I copied the folder xampp from a PC to another PC. The credenciales is ok in the first PC

To move the app you need to copy over the database (using mysqldump) and the .env file

Yes, I copied the folder where the invoice ninja is with the xampp folder
I copied all.

I suggest following up with your web host to ask for help transferring the database

Ok, thanks

Could the “remember_token” column of the user table be the reason why I cannot take the application installation in a portable environment from one computer to another?

I wouldn’t think so

I have discovered that if you install ninja on a pc you cannot take its folder and the database backup to another computer. At least in a production environment. You have to reinstall ninja on that other computer.
What is this about?
How can I put the environment in development to test the migration between 2 computers?
And sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry, I’m not sure. You should just need to copy over the database and .env file