Inv Ninja order to Woocommerce via Zapier - SKU needed for all line items including surcharge


In order for Invoice Ninja orders to transfer over to WooCommerce, each line item needs a SKU. The problem is, when someone purchases using credit card and they receive a fee, this automatically generates a line item - ‘Surcharge’ - that has no SKU. This prevents the Zap from running.

Is there anything I can do here?

A couple ideas:
Automatically assign a SKU to online surcharge
Have payment fees listed in the same area as shipping fees, instead of having these post as line items

Please advise, thanks!


@david any thoughts?


What column are you mapping your SKU to? the surcharge has its product_key value set, are you using a custom_value for the SKU?

@david I am using a custom value. I don’t see ‘product_key’ as an option to display on invoices, or as a field to update within specific products. Am I missing something?



In Invoice Ninja, the column would translate tot he Item column, we insert the surcharge title here, are you able to use this column as your SKU?

@david the item column we’re using for product name. And description we use for product category. I was confused when there wasn’t an option for SKU. Is my only option to redo all products and create new custom value for product name, and redo all zaps to conform with this?


At the moment, yes, this would be the only workaround.