International Invoices

I have two questions:

  1. We are sending invoices for many currencies and countries though many of them have specific local bank account information if the user is wiring the funds - I would like to be able to automatically put the correct relevant bank information.

  2. Related but separate from wiring is it possible to restrict payment options based on country of the user?



  1. One option may be to use a custom client field to store it

  2. You could create groups for each country with custom settings.

I realize I may not have been clear with #1 – I want to display the wire information that corresponds to that particular currency or country in the invoice automatically but only show if the customer is in that country.

Maybe a custom invoice field?


I think you may be able to use groups for that as well. You would create one group per country. create a custom company field and then override it at the group level.