Integromat Webhooks to Invoiceinja issue?

I want to create a new customer by using the Formidable forms data via Webhooks API to Invoiceninja.

I created the Integration Webhooks, Invoice Ninja but when mapping the data I can’t find some fields specifically the field I created in Invoiceninja for Initials and Surname.

As you can see in this screenshot there are fields for address and company name, but not for the first and last name of the person.


I think I found it out. It looks like Integromat interprets the data and puts it automatically in the right fields of Invoiceninja.

And I could find the missing Invoiceninja fileds by checkmarking “Show advanced settings” in Integromat Action InvoiceNinja window.

Thanks for sharing the solution!

Some additional notes.

I like Integromat. It has some nice functions and you can restrict IP on webhooks.

But it has some strange things. It is not so obvious, but to connect Webhook to InvoiceNinja and to see what you can map you need to:

  1. Initially you have to first re-determine data structure where you have to execute the trigger site (in my case sending the Formidable Contact form on Wordpress)
  2. Then you have to Run once and again execute the trigger site (in my case Wordpress/Formidable)
  3. Then checkmarking “Show advanced settings” in Integromat Action Invoiceninja Window
  4. Mapping the Trigger fields (Formidable) to Action fields (Invoiceninja)