Integromat versus SyncSpider

I’m considering switching from Zapier to Integromat or SyncSpider.

Both work in my case. I was wondering about support? Is InvoiceNinja actively supporting Integromat and/or SyncSpider or is it more like an API where the support is done by Integromat or SyncSpider themselves?


We implemented the Zapier integration ourselves so are more familiar with it, Integromat and SyncSpider implemented their implementations on their own so we just have less knowledge.

Ah that confirms my experience. To my feeling the Zapier integration was smoothly.

With Integromat I had to have a fallback value for “Name”. In InvoiceNinja it can be empty but Integromat seems to assume that this is a required field.

In SyncSpider I had that same issue with “Name” . And there was an issue with postal codes only being numerical but they got it fixed to accept numerical and alphabet symbols.

Thanks for your input.

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Note: for v5 Integormat have implemented a brand new integration. We helped the developer, he seems to have done a really good job. We’ve also improved the v5 Zapier integration.

Thanks. I tried both SyncSpider and Integromat and will probably go for Integromat.

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Thanks for the update!