Integromat not connecting to v5 API self hosted

I have v5 self hosted working very well on Cloudways hosting. Absolutely love Invoice Ninja! I’m having difficulty getting Integromat to connect to the API, however. I’ve tried every URL I can think of with no success. Any pointers would be appreciated!


Thanks, that’s great to hear!

Are you using the v5 version of the Integormat intergration?

Hi Hillel, I’m using v5 of Invoice Ninja and the current cloud version of Integromat. I’m unable to find information on Integromat about what version it is. Thank you for your assistance!

Sorry I’m not sure, I suggest contacting Intergomat directly for help.

Thanks Hillel, I reached out to them and will cross fingers. Cheers!

Hi Hillel,

I reached out to Integromat about connecting to v5 self hosted and received the following response:

“I have discussed this matter with developers and they told me that we are working on the new version of Invoice Ninja. Unfortunately, we are waiting for the fix from their side as we found there to be a bug. When the fix from their side is done, then we will be able to continue with development and will release the new version that should work without problems.”

Please advise on the progress on this. Looking forward to going all-in on Invoice Ninja!

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Not sure what issue they’re referring to, please ask them to contact us directly.


I have asked about their v5 app/modules and got the answer that they need a few more weeks. Unfortunately they don’t have something like a beta access to new modules.

We are Integromat partner so I will try to find out via our contacts at their partner management.


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Brilliant, thanks! FYI… we’ve been working with their developer on Slack. He seems very talented and I have no doubt will do a good job. He’s asked us many questions, we’ve tried to answer all of them but if any have slipped through please let us know.