Integration with UK Banks

Hi folks, I am considering signing up again and wondered if UK banks are now connectable or if manual CSV uploads are the only way?

I am banking with Starling, which has a well documented API and seem somewhat dev friendly: Starling Developers (


@david can you please advise?

I’ll check with yodlee, we are also working towards getting open banking access with yodlee which will dramatically expand the reach to a lot of euro banks

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I am using Nordigen: Free banking data & premium insights for this. Nordigen is usually used for collecting/connecting banking information of your clients but it starts with adding a bank account manually and after that, you can pull your transactions.

I have set up a very simple scenario using and if you have little experience using a REST API, then it is just about an hour of work. I am happy to share some details in an online meeting.

Nordigen is on my list for integration, after discussing with Yodlee, it doesn’t seem like their open banking options are that extensive outside of the UK and Oceania.

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