Integrating Payoneer as Payment gateway

Im a freelance web developer from Pakistan and most of my clients are based in UAE. All the payment gateways already integrated with Invoice Ninja are either not supported in Pakistan or UAE so cant use any of them. This is just a suggestion for the Invoice Ninja development team to please consider integrating Payoneer as well. This will be a great help for customers like me. Payoneer is supported in both Pakistan and UAE.
Hope my message will be delivered to the development team.


Thanks for the feedback!

Note: I believe is supported.

Im sorry to say but is not supported in Pakistan

Not sure, here’s what I see from Google searching for “Is checkout available in Pakistan” brings a unified offering of all the prominent international payment methods and wallets such as PayPal, AliPay, Apple Pay and Google Pay enabling the merchants to pay and run their businesses in Pakistan.24 Sept 2020

I have contacted them and they wll reply me in next 48 hours/ Lets hope for the best. Please for future updates let users integrate custom payment gateways also if possible.

If you’re a developer there’s info about adding custom gateways here:

Please integrate Payoneer as well if possible, in upcoming updates.