Insufficient balance on credit

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I have a test credit that I created, I select credit from the left menu, find my test credit from the drop down, it shows the number (0002), client name, Amount ($100), date and Balance $0.00.
When I click the 3 dots, I select Apply Credit. In the right “Enter Payment” window, I select a invoice from the invoice field for the same amount, when I hit save, it gives the error:
422: The given data was invalid.

• Insufficient balance on credit.

Am I doing it wrong?


Can you please post a screenshot of the edit payment form?


Thanks for the screenshot, how much does credit 0002 have left unapplied?

It’s never been applied to anything. So, $135 I think.I

Marking the credit as sent may help.

Boooooom! That did it. I guess it needs to be sent or marked as sent to become active. Thanks!!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

Note: in the next version of the app you should no longer need to mark the credit as sent.