Installing on Plesk Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Hi there, I have a plesk ubuntu 18.04 LTS installation and am a bit worried I will break something by following the “normal” ubuntu installs. Does anybody have any experience? I downloaded the ZIP into a subdomain and unzipped it with SSH, then changed the owner to the ftp account.

I set the document root to the public folder and launched setup. Of course it’s not working, and already stopping at phantomJS…

Any ideas how to install this quick and easy? I want to avoid docker on the server and when I tried some of the docker packages, none of them worked for me on a local unraid server…



Are you seeing a specific error?

Hi there, no, that’s exactly the thing. the LOG files just show that phantomJS doesn’t work and I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. While the site opens, lots of functionality is broken, i.e. I can’t save changes to the DB, some formatting looks weird, etc.

Before I start installing any custom php modules that may break my plesk, I wanted to get some community feedback…

Also, while I love the software at first glance, it seems very complex in requirements considering what it’s meant to do, which is essentially managing a relatively “basic” database task with some sophistication around invoicing and offers…

Which version of the app are you using?

Can you point to a specific requirement you think we can remove?

Can I PM you, then I can share the site details with you and a PHP INFO, appreciate the offer to help! How can I reach you?

Our policy is not to access our user’s site.