Installing Modules eg ticket or inventory

Hi All, sorry be asking quite a bit of questions, but getting my head wrapped around invoice ninja slowly but surely.

So currently I have invoice ninja installed using my webhost provider, installation done via Softaculous.
I wanted to know how to do go about installing the ticket system and inventory.
I went through the articles :

but not really quite clear:

if you can give me some direction would be appreciated, on how I install modules.

You’d need to checkout the develop branch from GitHub to use the tickets feature.

I don’t believe there is an inventory module.

@Hilel will the ticket system be include in the future update?

would there be development for the inventory @ some point?

Our current focus is v2, we don’t plan to create any new major releases for v1.

It’s certainly possible, we’re designing v2 to make it easier to implement custom modules.

last question will the ticket module be included in the V2 or a later release when its ready?

Yes, we plan to eventually add tickets to v2 but it will be some time until then.

thank you for the reply, must really enjoy working and customizing with invoice ninja.
so one would need to download the develop branch in order to use the ticketing system correct.

Yes, that is correct

Hey there,

I did a youtube vid of the installation of the ticketing system.

Trying to wrap my head around the ticketing functionality…

Is this planned for release in the hosted version? Or is ticketing only available in the self-hosted version? We use GSuite… Will this not work with Gsuite?

I’d really like to be able to use Ticketing instead of having to use another app altogether.


The feature is only available by self hosting the app using the develop branch of the code on GitHub

The current implementation is tied to Postmark

Is there any plan to roll this out to the rest of us that pay for IN? We’re looking for a ticketing system thats integrated, and best case scenario, works as a gmail/Gsuite add-on.

Not soon, we plan to include the feature with v2 but that’s still a long time away

Are we getting closer to getting ticketing for paid users yet?

We’re moving in that direction but we still have a lot of work remaining to port the existing v1 features to v2

Hi Coren,

I need the ticketing system module in my hosted version.
When will this be available?


Sorry, it will be some time. We’re currently working to rebuild the app so we first need to reimplement the current functionality. You can try an early demo of the new app here: