Installing InvoiceNinja docker container. Require separate db container?

If I’m using InvoiceNinja docker container, does it require me to install a db also such as mariadb?


The database is defined in the dockerfile:

Oh, thanks. I usually just install using portainer, hance not familiar with it. Thanks for pointing it out.

I took a look at docker-compose, but I am not familiar with it. Is it possible to install using Portainer? Any instructions anywhere?

Maybe this video will help?

I did watch that first. He is using a separate maria DB container, which isn’t the case here, correct? It shares his nextcloud maria db with Invoice Ninja.

I believe that’s correct

Not familiar on how to have another db setup. So are you saying I will need to install a maria db container?

@david can you please advise?


This thread here may help with configuring portainer

Thank you David. I’ll read up on it. Thanks @hillel