Install snappdf?

I just ran the health check and…

Is there any benefit of using SnapPDF over Phantom?
We currently use phantom and had no real issues with it.

Looking into the documentation is says that:

But there is no clear instruction on how to Install it on Linux/Ubuntu?

I have looked at GitHub - beganovich/snappdf: Convert webpages or HTML into the PDF file using Chromium-powered browsers. but honestly I’m not sure how to proceed with it.

Is it worth the hassle of spending time install it on our server? :thinking:

Thanks in advance
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The code is already included, you should just need to change the .env setting.

The benefit is that you don’t need to send data off your server to generate the PDF, it can also be faster since it’s all local. We made the hosted option the default because it will work on any server, whereas some users have reported issues using SnapPDF.

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Thanks Hillel for your explanation.

Well we are already using the Phantom option over a year new and its been working great so far. Well if we don’t need to install anything it might be worth a try. :+1:

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