Install on Shared Server?

I attempted to self host Invoice Ninja in my Bluehost shared server account. Following the directions in the Self hosting area requires terminal commands. Which is fine and I do have SSH access to my bluehost account but they will not allow me to issue SUDO terminal commands as called for in the instructions.

Is there a way to self host Invoice Ninja without issuing those commands.

And yes, I did attempt to install Bitnami Invoice Ninja stack on my mac and run it locally but after it installs, it won’t let me in to the application using the e-mail/password I set up during the install.

You may be able to install without using ssh/sudo, are you running into any errors?

Errors. No, its just not working. I downloaded the code file, unpacked it and uploaded all the files to a directory in my folder that is the domain I’m using. when I point a browser at it, it just lists out the files in the directory.

You can see it here

By default the site is accessed using the /public URL:

For a 500 error there may be more details in your webserver error logs.

I have same issues on Arvixe. My website works fine but I cannot get invoice ninja to setup. Can someone Please help us out. It has to be something simple. I believe it is the .htaccess file settings.
I have tried www.mysitedomain/ninja/setup and www.mysitedomain/ninja/public/setup .Both give me error 404 page not found. I can see the files fine if I use www.mysitedomain/ninja/ Please help sort this out. thanks


I want to install invoiceninja on a VPS and create 20+ companies with multiple users. Is that possible? How? Please show me some light. I really want to start with invoice ninja.

Thanks in advance.

We’re running this on our own dedicated server and it’s running very well indeed, and FAST !

If you need resources just get in touch, happy to help.

@uzumakifahim I have a VPS (i’m a web developer) with over 40 websites (Wordpress based) and also Invoice Ninja for my personal use. Everything is flying, really :wink: