Install InvoiceNinja on Shared Hosting-v5

Good day everyone. This thread is made for research similar to my previous thread on v4. Things are a bit different here and hopefully we can get it sorted.

See previous details on v4 here: Install InvoiceNinja on HostGator (Shared) - #54 by khat17 - Self-Hosted | v4/Legacy - Discourse

Firstly - I can’t even get it installed. I’ll go into more details soon once I edit this post.


OK. So now I’m back. Let’s get into this.

PHP 7.2 is deprecated and my current hosting provider no longer supports it. No problem - we’ve moved to 7.3 and while Ninja v4 still works, I’d like to move on to v5. Attempts to install have been…less than successful. Heh.

My hosting provider even provides this from Softaculous to allow quick installs, however I get this error about GMP not being found. An email to my provider then says that the installation of GMP is not possible. Great…And they even offer it through Softaculous but it’s “not available/possible”. So…tried to do it manually.

First - download and extract the file. Second - the REALLY LONG PART - upload everything to a directory on the web space. Then - go to the URL with my test directory - https://mysite/ninja2 - and I’m greeted with a 500 error. OK. Next I’m going to create the database manually and edit the ENV file to add the details - using the example as a template.

Changes made include:

I also changed the mail settings by using the same ones in the ENV for v4 - but no luck.

I had done something else before and gotten to the setup URL - but I’m going to do this over from scratch - reupload the files using FTP - and try to access again. Will keep my modified ENV on hand. Update once it’s done uploading.


Are you seeing a specific error?

Hi hillel. No specific error. And I tried enabling full error details in php but all in getting is a big white screen with 500 error.

Are there any files I could check for specific errors?

Please check the logs in storage/logs/

Hi there hillel. There’s nothing in public_html/ninja2/storage/logs at this time except a file called “.gitignore” - so nothing there. Anywhere else I can check?

Is it possible you have more than one app install, maybe you need to check the ninja1 folder?

I do have more than one installation. Ninja1 is working fine - that’s v4. It was broken after older PHP 7.x was removed by hosting provider - moved to 7.3 now I believe and while it works - sending emails it gives me an error. But it actually sends. Logs don’t indicate anything new for today or even this month.

@david do you have any ideas?

In the mean time - going to redo the entire process. Delete the ninja2 directory from the web host and re-upload. I had some prompts with FileZilla asking me to overwrite some files. I find that strange since there shouldn’t be anything there in the first place. Maybe what I’ll do is put it to ninja3 for the time being just to ensure no residual stuff or conflicts of any kind. Going to re-download and start the process in a bit. Will get back to you. I’ll leave ninja2 alone for now and move the new files to ninja3.

So I’ve downloaded v5.1.70-release from Release Release v5.1.70-release · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

Extracted and currently uploading to “public_html/ninja3/” since ninja2 was giving issues somewhat. I’ll rename the directory after and point it to my subdomain https://invoice.mysite - since the cPanel allows me to specify PHP versions for the subdomains. Will update on completion of the uploads.

Should I modify the default ENV file? Or leave it for now to try and to get the setup page displayed?

Going to have to go out soon and will not be back for the rest of the day. Will attempt to get things done from my system remotely - about 100MB left to upload now (about 17,000 files).

So I realize there were like 400+ failed transfers. This came up to 403 thus far. I’m going to wait until the rest are done and then re-queue them to see if there are any conflicts. I added them back since the reason was “disconnected from server” and not any conflict that I see. So waiting on that to compelte.

So I’ve come upon the upload error. I’ve set it to overwrite everything. So now waiting on completion again.

OK. So here we go. Upload complete. Navigating to mysite/ninja3 gives this.


Going to mysite/ninja3/public gives the setup page which is at /ninja3/public/setup

So I fill it out.

Completed and it takes me right back to the original setup page. Navigating to mysite/ninja3/public gives this.


I now also have a laravel.log file which has:

[2021-06-03 15:55:15] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-06-03 15:55:17] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-06-03 15:55:17] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-06-03 15:56:44] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-06-03 15:58:54] production.INFO: The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation.
[2021-06-03 15:59:12] production.INFO: account table not found

So that’s what I got for now. Hopefully this helps with the troubleshooting process.

If I navigate manually back to mysite/ninja3/public/setup then I get the setup page again. Based on the error I’m going to email the provider and ask about the “proc_open” option.

And I heard back.

So apparently, this may not work for me. Is there any other workaround that could be used?

you’ll need to move hosts to one that allows proc_open.

@david - that seems like my path at this time. I still want to try at it though since v4 is working on the same provider.

I’ve enabled error details in the ENV. Here’s the list.

I would dare say the proc_open function is directly related to the app attempting to write the database migrations. Hence the error you are seeing here.

It if it any consolation, there should be a lot of webhosts you can turn too. We have seen the app work perfectly fine on shared hosting!

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Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused as v4 works. Let me do a quick setup of a v4 instance in /ninja4 and test - because I’m assuming that v4 uses the same proc_open right?

OK @david and @hillel - I’m officially confused. I’ve successfully setup 4.5.39 into /ninja4. I saw the message at the start saying that proc_open needs to be enabled. It setup and I’m logged in. Used the same database that I setup for v5 and it’s functional. So I’m confused as well as to WHY it broke when I did an upgrade of 4.5.17 to 4.5.39. Anyways - that’s for the v4 thread.

Having successfully setup v4 in another directory - is there anything that you can think of as to why v5 doesn’t work? Is it that v4 uses some workaround if proc_open isn’t available?

In v4 proc_open is only used when updating the app, it explains why a clean install works but an update does not. As a workaround to updated v4 you should be able to copy over the database and .env file to the new v4 install.

Thanks hillel. I’d need some assistance/details on how to do this though. Would it be just a matter of pointing the settings to the old database?

On the v5 side…is there no workaround to installing? Can I edit the ENV and manually drop in the settings to try and get it working? Or will proc_open be a requirement to get it working in the first place? Kinda grasping at straws here. The current hosting provider also has other services that I use. Price point aside - the features they give are better than my previous providers.

If there’s no way through this then I’m going to ask for assistance with finding a provider. I need:

  • At least 2 domains (.com/.net).
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 2FA.
  • 50 or more databases (current provider gives 100).
  • 200GB+ of storage (current provider gives 250GB).
  • 4GB+ RAM (current provider gives 6GB).
  • 20+ addon domains (current provider gives 52).
  • At least 1,000 subdomains (current provider gives 5k).
  • At least 100 allowed processes (current provider gives 300).
  • Separate SQL storage of at least 100GB (current provider gives 200GB).
  • At least 100 email accounts (current provider gives 5k).
  • Unlimited email storage.
  • At least 100 FTP accounts (current provider gives 5k).
  • Unlimited autoresponders.
  • Unlimited email filters.

Not sure if that’s unreasonable. But it’s what I’ve gotten accustomed to. And at under USD$120 per year.

You can either point the new app to your old database (easier) or setup a copy of your database to point to (safer).

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Hmm. OK. Going to go with easier for now. Change the directory names and check if it works. Let’s cross fingers and see.

Back to v5. If you think of ANYTHING at all let me know please. And thanks again.

Well - that was painless going the easy route with v4. Works like a charm. Gonna rename the directories now and test again.

For persons doing this on v4 - just ensure that the URL in the APPLICATION SETTINGS or I guess in the ENV manually edited after - ensure it points to the new directory or else it won’t allow you into certain areas.

Well now - that failed lol. I can’t edit the invoices.

“implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters”

Checking something.

That error is usually from using PHP 7.4, changing to 7.3 should resolve the problem

Thanks for that. Going to make a new thread about this and document the process. I got a bit too many errors during checks so may go a longer route to update.

  • Couldn’t log in.
  • 2FA stopped working.
  • Can’t edit invoices.

And since doing it the easy way - I can’t get back into this.

(1/1) ErrorException

implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters

And when I switch the other one back to ninja4 I’m getting 2FA errors as well.

(1/1) DecryptException

The MAC is invalid.

So for v4 I think I’ll export the JSON and then import that into the new version - setup from scratch and get it done. A preview shows that it imports just about everything. Not sure what’s missing if anything…So yeah.

Back to v5. I’ll watch the thread and hopefully something will pop up. Thanks again for your time guys and thanks for the AWESOME app and support! Keep up the good work!

So what I did to get v4 working was this.

  • Rename /ninja to /ninja.old
  • Create a new /ninja directory
  • Redo the upload of latest v4
  • Setup database for latest v4 to match old v4

This worked and gave me back all options - however the 2FA login seemed to be problematic. So I…

  • Temporarily renamed /ninja to /ninja5
  • Renamed /ninja.old back to /ninja
  • Logged in
  • Disabled 2FA

This worked and I’m in so far. No issues outside of needing to switch back to PHP 7.3 - after doing so all errors are gone.

I really need to switch this info to a new thread so we don’t confuse the two. Will do so in a while or later/weekend. Thanks again as usual. Let me setup back the 2FA and re-link to phone app.

Once I post a new thread on this I’ll link to it and send details.


Link available. Details posted. Many thanks for the assistance with resolving the v4 issues. Should be able to focus entirely on v5 now going forward.

Still hoping something can be done to at least get it running. I mean - the DB can be accessed as seen from v4. Is there anything that can be done to directly point the information out? I guess I could try putting the information into the ENV again and see if it works - just not sure about the mail details because that seems to be giving trouble for some users. Let me attempt that and post back.