Inquiry for all InvoiceNinja Users and Devs (SH & Hosted)

I find the entire IN community very interesting, and currently the entire community exists within the bubble of Discouse. What I was wondering if there is any intrest/traction for a Discord server for InvoiceNinja. Either owned by the devs, or the community.

In the same way, if anyone sees the use of a Discord bot that allows you to generate invoices cross application. (From Discord → IN).

Hope to recieve some feedback/ideas!

  • Codixer


We have an active group on Slack, you can join using this link.

@david thoughts on also setting up a Discord server?


I’ve created a Discord channel here:

Hi @david!
You have sent the direct of a discord channel. That doesn’t work. You’ll have to do the following to invite other people:

Click on the man with the + next to any channel name.

On the bottom of the popup, you’ll see that the invite will expire in 7 days. That might be a tad bit to short :open_mouth:
So what you do, is click on “Edit invite link”.

That will prompt you with the following menu:

Then click on the “7 days” in “expire after”:

Change it to never:

And click on “Generate a New Link”. Once you’ve done that, it will show you an invite link with a “copy” button. Click on that and it’ll copy the invite link to your clipboard.

That link is eventually shared with whoever you want to share it with :smiley:

That’s my ted talk, thank you for attending :wink:

Thanks @Codixer !!

This should hopefully do the trick!