Info this CMS

I’m looking for a cms for management of users and invoices.
I need :
-3 levels of users (Admin, consultants, customers)
-Admin can add,modify and remove orders, consultants and customers
-Each order has to be assigned to a consultant.
-The consultant can see all the orders assigned to him by admin and he can accept or refuse the assignment
-when the consultant accepts, he has to pay a settable amount to the admin to unlock the assignment(and for the admin the status of the order changes into “accepted”)
-the customer, in his reserved area, can see all his orders inserted by the admin
-in the customer’s panel there must be the possibility to pay the orders. The payment must go directly to the consultant

My goal is to avoid that the entire payment goes to the admin account(for fiscal reasons), perhaps the best way to solve this problem could be setting a percentage(30% for example) in each order and then the 30% of the payment goes to the admin and the 70% goes directly to the consultant…do you know some way to do that?

It is possible to do with invoiceninja all?

Thanks a lot

Sorry, our app isn’t designed to handle this use case.