Info after upgrading to 5.1.1-C41 from GUI

Hi guys,

as always, thank you for your amazing work! I am very happy to see such an active development and efforts.

I want just to ask if is normal (or not or it happens only to me) to get the issues I am facing :

  1. Since upgrading to 5.1.1 “invoice settings” disappear

  1. Importing some fields from 4.5.32 to 5.x is not working


not setting first month of theyear to V5


not setting the right invoice layout (clean) to V5

And i have to change manually all the invoice layout…

Last, sorry if maybe are known issues, i didn’t check the issue tracker on GIthub.

Thank you again for your time!




  1. We changed the order, it should be further down

  2. @david FYI

Hi @hillel,

  1. I don’t see it anywhere

Thank you!

Sorry, you’re right. It looks like it’s missing, we’ll make sure to add it back.

Actually, I’m just confused between v4 and v5. The v4 “Invoice Settings” are now broken up into separate sections in v5.

Ok, got it, thank you for pointing me to the solution. Invoice settings seems are now under “company details → defaults”

This raise new question related to missing imported fileds from V4. Also fields like “deafult payment terms”, “default payments temrs” are not imported from V4

Here above it should be like V4 settings : “Bank transfer” and “15 days”


Hi @david ,
Do you have some news about the fileds above not being migrate ? :slight_smile:


Yes, expect this for the next v4 release.

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Hi guys, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t still migrate the settings above. Everything is working fine on both installations (v5.1.62-C47 and v4.5.39) except for this.
A workaround could be to not overwrite the settings above each time I launch the migration, so i can set up on V5 the right defaults and other settings and just import the data. Just thinking.

Anyway, could you please just verify if is working fine on your side in order to understand if this issue on migration it’s just on my environment?

Nothing on logs, just normal records about successfull things, no errors.

Thak you.