Incredibly easy Upgrade for self-hosted

I completed my first upgrade today and it went surprisingly smooth.

  • I backup the ninja folder and SQL first
  • Placed the new zip in the parent directory above ninja
  • Extracted it into the parent directory above ninja and allowed for overwrite
  • Went to - waited till the page loaded saying it updated successfully
  • Updated the .htaccess with my custom data
  • Checked these forums for any bugs/fixes
  • Done

I can’t believe how simple that was. I know I can automate this but I prefer to update it manually. Thanks for all the hardwork and foresight into the updating process. I was worried a lot of my custom stuff would be removed but since I used the custom_CSS area in options everything transferred over without a hitch.

P.S. I’ve already added in all my reoccuring expenses! So extremely useful.