Incorrect price with inclusive tax calculation

I am very pleased that in version v5 the “inclusive tax” calculation has been adapted to the system often used in Germany/Austria.

This is how I configured it and this is how it should be

However, it is still calculated as an exclusive tax. Here is a simple example:

If the tax calculation is included, it should look correct as follows:

Subtotal: 81 €
MwSt. 19%: 15,97 €
Total: 100 €

Whether I use “Invoice Tax Rates” or “Item Tax Rates” makes no difference both do not calculate correctly.


Thanks for reporting this. It looks like a regression.

ping @hillel


I’ve checked in a fix, this will be available in the next release.

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@david Did you check in the fix yet?

yes it is on the v5-develop branch currently, i am planning a new release itself tomorrow.

Hi David, I have looked at the Develop branch and the billing is now correct. Is it possible to show the net amount instead of or in addition to the subtotal.

Alternatively a checkbox at “Tax settings” like: Show net amount.

I have created an example to clarify the function:

“Tax settings”

“On Invoice”


I’ve think we’ve been discussing this internally also, showing the total without taxes.

I think we can add in an option to add this in @hillel thoughts?

Sure, sounds like a good idea

Hi @hillel,
Hi @david,

To show the net amount is relevant in the German tax law and therefore also interesting to produce even more customers for as well as to bring the community further.

Thanks for the work and the interest in this idea :slight_smile:


Thanks, this will be available in the next release.

I have already discovered “Add net_subtotal option #6294”. Is this still included with my suggestion or does it have to be implemented via the customfields?

I found it in the design editor! Thanks a lot!