Inclusive tax rate - mistake in decimal calculation


I guess this is a bug but just wanted to make sure before opening a ticket.
Following steps to reproduce:

  • Add invoice positions (in my example 340.00€ and 13.90€)
  • Total sum displayed: 353.90
  • Apply tax rate 19%
  • Invoice total sum changes to 353,89
  • Sometimes it works if I add one Cent (00.1€) to one invoice position, but in the above example not

InvoiceNinja version 4.1.5 self hosted

There are a few ways to fix it:

  • Add an ‘Adjustment’ custom invoice surcharge to add/subtract the cent
  • Increase the precision of the qty or cost
  • Create a new company and enable account wide inclusive taxes

Note: some options may require upgrading to the latest version.

Unfortunately none of the solutions works for me. For the 4.1.5 there seems to be no account wide inclusive tax option and no custom invoice surchage. Qty or cost precision increasement brings me always above or below the 90 cent.

Is it fixed in the latest version? If not, I would open a ticket on github for it.

The account wide setting is only shown if there are no invoices in the company.

The precision should be fixed in v4.4.

The precision is still not good in v4.5.2
If my Unit Cost is 100 and I have 2 rates of 2.5% each i.e. 5% total my tax calculation would be 5 but it comes down to 4.88!

Not working

I’m not sure, in my test the tax comes to 4.76 which matches the results here:

The tax shouldn’t be $5, that isn’t how inclusive taxes are calculated.