Include VAT in Credit Note

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to include VAT in credit note as well?
I believe it should be the default behavior since is a legal requirement when issuing credit notes on Invoices that VAT was charged.

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Yes, it’s supported. Are you seeing a problem?

Thank you Hillel for the prompt response, but where is the VAT option? I don’t see anything related to VAT when applying a credit note.

In v4 you can create a ‘Credit note’ by creating a negative invoice, the v4 ‘credits’ are pending payments.

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Okay understood, thank you Hillel.

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Hi Hillel,

One more question, if you create the Credit Note with a negative Invoice, then you should not mark it as paid since it will be subtracted twice from the balance of the customer, right?

You would need to mark it as paid if you’d like it to be applied against the client’s balance.

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Thank you Hillel for the prompt response, my bad, I thought it was subtracted when I was set it as “Mark Sent” and then it was subtracted again when I set it as “Mark Paid”.

I believe mark sent would decrease the client’s balance whereas mark paid would increase the balance and reduce the paid to date. Since it’s negative it’s the reverse of a standard invoice.

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