IN not sending emails / pdf generation not working either

Invoice Ninja 5.9.9 on Cloudron

Issue 1: Clients are not receiving quote/invoice emails. I have notifications turned on for when I send an email to a client and I receive that email notification to my admin email.

Issue 2: PDF generation is not working in the desktop windows app or in the web.

Issue 3: permission issue in Health Check.

When viewing from the client portal side, I get this error:

The process has been signaled with signal "6".
{"message":"Unable to generate the raw PDF"}

Health Check


  1. I suggest adding your email as the BCC on Settings > Email Settings to confirm if the client emails is being sent or not.

  2. If you change the PDF generator to hosted_ninja in the .env file it should help.

  3. Have you seen the info here: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja

Thank you for the workaround. Initially, the BCC confirms the emails were not being sent. I proceeded with the .env edit and have it set as:


When viewing the PDF, it may or may not open from the first try. However, I can confirm the emails are being sent now and that the attached PDF in the email is displayed correctly regardless of whether the PDF preview is being generated or not in the dashboard.

The permissions stuff is out of my expertise. I have forwarded that info to the Cloudron staff to look into it.

Edit: I spoke too soon. It’s a hit or miss. Tried sending a quote and the attached PDF isn’t being generated properly. It’s a blank page inside.

Edit: I tried this in the env instead and it seems to work more reliably:


Thanks for sharing this ,i am also facing the same problem .