IN Docker: Cannot update company/user details


I think I’ve managed to get IN up and running in Docker. However, when I try to update the company details (name, ID, VAT Number, etc.) I get an error message in a popup that says:

422: The given data was invalid.

   • The portal domain format is invalid.

I don’t know if it’s related, but I also cannot get rid of the red exclamation triangle at the bottom that says Crons need to be enabled.

Could someone help me figure out what’s wrong?



I think these are two separate problems.

@david @ben any thoughts on the domain format error?

Have the crons been enabled? It may help to load /update?secret=

I don’t know, to be honest. How do I check whether the crons have been enabled in a Docker container? Also, is there supposed to be an actual secret string after the = sign?


Are you using our default docker-compose here?

The app is quite complex and there are multiple containers that are spun up to run different things here. If you have deviated from our default, it is difficult to debug / support.

Hi @david,

The only deviation I did was to use an already existing MariaDB container for the database, instead of spinning another one. The rest is the same as the official docker files.


I know this thread is a little old, but I just encountered the same issue.

It seems that everything else was working, only when saving changes to the company details, would I get the The portal domain format is invalid error.

I discovered I was even able to create new companies. So I did, and then just deleted the original company that I couldn’t save company details for and my issue was solved.

Hope this helps someone.

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Thanks this helps me!