In desperate need for self hosting help in proxmox

Hello first time poster here.

Im hoping someone could help me with a tutorial or even a install script.

I just built my first proxmox server about a week ago and am trying to move a lot of stuff to self hosted.

I know its frowned upon but so far I have used quite a few proxmox install scripts and set up a few very basic vms. I have setup docker , portainer and docker compose in its own lxc as well.

However I have been banging my head against the wall for the last week trying to get invoice ninja running. I have tried running the docker compose install guides and googling and can get to the point where it appears the service is up and running and but cant access the web gui, or i get errors.

I’m looking for help getting this running as am a freelancer and looking to use it for freelancing purposes. Ideally I would like to have it running on a local ip address and be able move it to my domain later or make it access able via Cloudflare.

Would someone be able to help me with a simple install script / guide to get this installed and access able locally in a proxmox lxc?

I would be ever so grateful and please forgive my ignorance for not understanding all the info in the forums and guides as I have simply become overwhelmed.


So i seem to have found a few helper scripts to get it installed and running. Im just not entirely sure what to change the env files to get it to run on a local ip address and connect to the DB…


@david do you have any suggestions?

Scratch that so far every guide I have followed has tossed me errors and left me with a unusable mess… I have a domain ready to go and proxmox but cant seem to get anything running using any tutorial

If you can provide the errors you are seeing we can try to help.

I’m not familiar with Proxmox, however with docker compose we have this video which shows - live - the configuration of a Invoice Ninja installation