Improve Support Forum


I know the forum is mainly for support between you guys and people like me.
However, wouldn’t be a great improvement to move on a more robust forum solution to have possibility to allow easier discussion between community users without disturbing regular support exchange ?
For example, i could use it with french people to help translate Ninja or templates… or discuss about user issue not directly related to your (great) work…

My 2 cents…

I agree our forum software is pretty crappy but can you clarify what’s missing.

Why can’t you use it now to discuss issues with other community members/what feature would a different forum software provide?

I use forum for ages. I even managed two a few years ago.
What I like first is that you can create sections so people can go and find discussions easier than browsing the whole posts (search engine is also better).
I think that the formum is with Trello an important way of seducing new users (isn’t it what we all look for when developping ? ;-)) and helping actual users

For example you can create sections for

  • Direct support request (almsot what you do here)
  • Documenting/Tutorial new features when releasing (i know maintaining a real documentation is a lot of work)
  • Allow people to talk in their own language without disturbing others (some people do not participate if they don’t speak good english while they can ask/answer questions in their own language)

Sometime webmaster do not like to have sections with few posts in it, but sometimes, less is good.

And so… but i don’t want to tell you what to do, it’s your baby :wink:


Of course there are several Forums… you may use more or less sophisticate one…

I appreciate your input!

I think we’re using one of these, just not sure which. The forum supports separate groups I just prefer it all listed in one list. It’d be nice to support tagging though…