Impossible to get Invoice Ninja working

Hi all,

This is my 5th try with Invoice Ninja, and I cannot seem to get it working.
Used this guide.

I’m running it on a Ubuntu 20 VM on my ESXi server at home. I have a domain which has a subdomain pointing to invoice ninja.

I use CloudFlare for DNS and proxying, and have a Nginx reverse proxy at home where Invoice Ninja is also running.

Invoice ninja is installed correctly, but I cannot seem to access it. I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error.

I have added the IP of my reverse proxy in the .env file. Also changed the APP_URL to

Any ideas? I’m kind of lost…


@david do you have any suggestions to debug a 502 error?

502 indicates nginx failing passing the request onto PHP. Most likely nginx does not know where to pass the request onto.