Importing from wave imports only 1 invoice

Hi new to InvoiceNinja coming from Wave.

I’ve searched the Forums and there was another similar topic but it doesn’t solve the issue i’m having.

I have followed the instructions and exported from Wave and imported into IN but it only seems to do 1 invoice?

is there some prep work that i should be doing in the CSV file for it to import all the invoices?


I suggest using the CSV option to import the invoices rather than ‘Wave’, I think their format has changed since the feature was added.

Good day. I have also tried to import and and this was via a CSV file but I continuously receive a notification that asks me to confirm my account via email, which I have done. Kindly assist


Do you see a ‘resend confirmation email’ option on Settings > User Details?

Yes I do and I have followed the prompts to do so

I tried again this morning and it seemed to have worked. Thanks

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i just tried exporting to csv and then on import set the matching columns but i keep getting errors and nothing gets imported?

did you have to sort any columns specifically?

thanks for any help

What specific error are you seeing?

The column sorting shouldn’t matter as the fields can be mapped

thank you for your help. really appreciate it.

i always get this error.

The following records failed to import, they either already exist or are missing required fields.
{“name”:“Client Name Here”,“email”:false,“invoice_number”:“1920.584”,“po_number”:false,“invoice_date”:“10/03/2020”,“due_date”:false,“paid”:false,“terms”:false,“public_notes”:false,“private_notes”:false,“item_product”:false,“item_notes”:“CLIENT NOTES HERE - 1920.584”,“item_quantity”:false,“item_cost”:“0000”,“item_tax1”:“GST”,“item_tax2”:false}

Thanks! Does the client exist and is the invoice number available?

hi. yes i imported the clients successfully. i had to make some changes to some details but generally the clients imported ok.

i’m not sure what you mean by the invoice number available? but it’s bringing it in from the export?

For example, maybe an invoice already exists with the invoice number but is deleted

ah that might be it. but i couldn’t figure out how to delete the deleted invoices?

If you’re getting started you can purge the company data on Settings > Account Management

Ok thanks I’ll do that and start again. Cheers.

i purged and tried again still same error.

the logs are saying either exist which i know it doesn’t after a purge so it must be missing required fields. but which fields are required?

thanks for your help. really do appreciate it.

Did you reimport the clients after purging the data?

i did yes. :grinning:

Sorry, I don’t have any other advice to share. In my experience this error either means the client didn’t match or the invoice number is taken.