Importing data

For people to switch over from another existing invoice app, importing data into Ninja database would be a nice feature.
I need to import a couple of clients (about 300) into an new setup. Empty database.
Do you have queries/procedures available for us to do this?
Seems three database tables need to be addressed; clients/accounts/contacts.

Same for invoices and products. How to import these?

Hi Hans,

We support importing clients at /company/import_export

We don’t currently have a way to import invoices and products.

Wow, ofcourse! I totally forgot about that option. Thanks.
Looking forward seeing an invoices/products import also…

This feature is preventing me from moving my onsite hosted edition I setup to test and love it. Started moving away from FB and have existing products, invoices etc all setup and working for the last month with clients paying etc. Wanted to simply export my local instance and sign up for Pro and import but this shows as not possible. So am I stuck waiting for this or having to move my whole image to vCloud Air to get it off our dev box?

It’s on our list (and this moves it up) but it most likely won’t be available for a few releases.

We’re currently focused on architectural work along with automated testing.

Thanks, I will keep a look out for future releases. For now we’re just uploading our VM to a cloud provider, but will defiantly want to move to your managed systems when this is available. Thanks for a great piece of software!