Importing CSV - can't see created custom fields

Hello !
I am importing old data from v4 to v5 manually …
I have recreated all the custom fields, but when importing the csv, can’t find them.



@david do you know if custom fields are supported in the import?


yes, i see support for custom fields in the CSV import

Have the custom field values been saved in the app? In the video above it looks like the changes need to be saved.

The custom fields have been saved.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see when importing?

I have posted a whole video …
Can you be more specific ?

Sorry, I didn’t see the whole video.

The fields are there but they’re called Client - Custom1

I don’t think those are the fields I need.
The fileds I have created have other names, those fields that appear, just get repeating “Custom Value Client/Contact” …

They’re the custom fields