Importing a JSON backup didn't import Projects and Tasks


I hope someone can help. I went to update my docker version of invoiceninja (invoiceninja/invoiceninja) and as I always do, I backed up (or so I thought) my invoiceninja using the export to JSON option (as it says I should if I want to reimport into invoiceninja).

I also took a backup copy of the 2 directories (storage/logo).

When I restarted the docker container after pulling the latest version, it didn’t seem to work correctly and I couldn’t open the home webpage.

So, I recreated a new docker setup, thinking I’ll import the JSON file and to my horror, no tasks or projects were imported ! All the invoices/payments seem to be there, but not projects / tasks and perhaps other things.

Am i missing something ? Have I got any way back (I have the original storage/logo directories) ?

I’ve itemised a big project as a series of tasks and they’re gone !

Any help gratefully received !

Thank you


The JSON export doesn’t include tasks/projects, you’d need to use mysqldump to create a full backup of the database.

It’s what I didn’t want to hear Hillel, but I appreciate your VERY PROMPT response !!!

Thank you !!