Imported expenses, incorrect dates

Hi Support,

I’m setting up my Invoice Ninja account ( and I imported my expenses from a CSV file.

It imported but I’ve noticed that all the dates are wrong.

The format of the CSV was like this:

Date Description Money Out
11/05/2018 CARD PAYMENT TO CompanyName,6.95 GBP ON 09-05-2018 £ 6.95

But the date is going into your system as 05/Nov/2018

Any idea what went wrong and how to fix it, other than manually doing it?


I think the problem is the date format: 11/05/2018

I’d suggest fixing it in the spreadsheet, purging your data on Settings > Account Management and then reimporting it.


What should the date format be?

YYYY-MM-DD is best

Thanks, that worked.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!