IMPORTANT Questions Regarding v4 Sunset Dates and Notices

Q1. What is the date on which free v4 accounts will cease to operate?

Q2. After a free v4 account ceases to operate, what are the options (if any) to reinstate it?

Q3. If a free v4 account is upgraded to a paid account, how long will the account continue to work?

I believe the implication of the banner in the v4 web app is that all v4 support, paid or unpaid, will end by November 2022, but it is not completely clear that is the case.

Incidentally, I have been using the v4 product for a few years. It’s never exhibited a single problem I’ve noticed, and has been a fast, reliable workhorse even on modest hardware and older browsers. It was very nice not having to install v4 on my overburdened business machines for it to achieve an acceptable level of performance.

The UI is straightforward, well-designed and simple to use. More importantly, it’s even simpler for my clients.

(But it still took several repetitions of emails with careful instructions and screen-shots for them to understand the client portal.)

The thing is: I don’t need a different, slower, more complex version of the wheel, or a freelancer’s cloud invoicing application.

Because I’m not in business to play with or learn about computer software, other than the software I write for my clients.

I’d be willing to pay to remain on v4 indefinitely. I doubt that’s an option, but v4 has been a great tool and I regret that I’ll probably have to find and learn a whole new solution to my invoicing needs based on what I’ve heard about v5.


  1. Within the next few days
  2. You can upgrade or migrate
  3. November 2022

The v4 app supports up to PHP 7.4 which is end of life in November. We’re currently developing a new web interface for v5 which will be more similar to v4.

Thank You. I signed up for the Pro plan.

I really hope v5 will meet my simple needs when it’s improved, and not turn one of my few enjoyable, trouble-free Web apps into the slow, frustrating experience so common on the web elsewhere these days.

Incidentally, I work with embedded systems, where the time and space used by software are always important.

Developers of application software should remember that those qualities remain important in their work as well. Everything’s finite, no matter how great.

Thanks again for a great product that helped launch my business! :slight_smile:

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