Import Multiple Contacts For One Client

Is there a way to do this? Anytime I try, it’s either created multiple clients, or created no client at all and just created contacts with no company info. I can manually add them to the client but that’s a lot of extra work when I figured I could just import them to the correct client to begin with. That turned out to be more difficult than first perceived.

Maybe with Zapier or our API?

Zapier doesn’t want to connect to my site. It’s auto installed with softaculous so there is no api connection that I can find to set up. I was able to generate a token however. From what I can tell, zapier doesn’t have what I need anyway, it seems to want to integrate invoiceninja into other things instead of just add functionality from invoiceninja to invoiceninja. If that makes any sense.

The API URL is either or (in which case we advise removing /public from the URL).

The client contacts in Zapier are defined as an array so it should be possible to create multiple contacts when creating a client.

To import data you’d want to use a spreadsheet but I’m not sure if it supports Zapier arrays from a spreadsheet, you may want to follow up with Zapier directly for advice.