Import json backup fails v.5

I try to import from another subdomain v 5.4 to a new, using json backup zip…
When i import in the new v 5. 8 i get:

FormatException: SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘o’, "ok{“messag”… is not valid JSON


If you’re moving between two selfhosted installations we recommend using mysqldump to transfer the data.

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Ok i come from 5.3.22 and wants to go to 5.3.92
Will a dump not give a problem?

That may explain why the JSON import failed but using mysqldump should work.

Ok that is with using phpmyadmin is suppose? Will it work because it is another subdomain and an upgraded version?

mysqldump is a CLI tool but I believe you can export the database in phpmyadmin.

You will need to update the APP_URL value in the .env file.