Import Invoices or Data from WHMCS

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I’m new here and I am using WHMCS to manage my business as a web hosting provider but the expenses aren’t supported with it so I am now looking at Invoice Ninja if there is any way I can merge both accounts when it comes to tracking my P&L Report accurately. I have checked Wave or other apps but I have seen Invoice Ninja pretty much got everything I need that WHMCS is lacking.

At the moment I am using the Free Hosted version of Invoice Ninja and I wonder how to correctly import Invoices from WHMCS or else how do we import the General Transaction Data?

Thank further for your assistance and more power to all, especially to the team of Invoice Ninja.


You can either import the data in the app as CSV or use an integrator such as Zapier or Integromat.

I see that we can import through CSV but I get errors when importing it

What specific error are you seeing? If you’re importing invoices the most common problems are not finding a matching client and the invoice number already being used.

At first import, I get to see no invoice after I received a success message in my inbox and the second one , I got errors saying the invoices are already being used but as mentioned, I don’t see the invoices anywhere

Maybe try purging the data on Settings > Account Management

Hi there,

Do you know how do I match headers to Invoice Ninja because I don’t see some of the headers are present to Invoice Ninja with my previous system? Thanks further for the help. :slight_smile:

Which headers are you missing, maybe you can use custom fields?

I am referring to the invoice .csv in my previous system. I generated it from there and it shows this

I tried adding custom fields in the document which is shown on Invoice Ninja but I still can’t import successfully. :frowning: