Import Invoice Design not possible


I have a problem with the import button during invoice template design. (using invoiceninja v5.5.66-C106)

I created a invoice template. after that i used the “export” button to copy the template to clipboard.
Then I wiped the company to get a fresh clean set. After that I tried to import the exported template.
But as soon I past the content of the clipboard in the “import design” box, the box is getting bigger and uses nearly the whole width of the screen. The button “done” and “cancel” become unusable and do not do anything. When I remove the whole text from the textbox the buttons are working again.

What is the procedure to import the design to the company?

Thx in advance.



If you want to paste the design here we can try to reproduce the problem.

I found a temporary solution. If delete the iframe part of the page in the “inspect element” part of the browser i can click save. Otherwise, if i enter a large line without breaks (like “0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000” for example, the button “done” will become unavailable.

Thanks for the info, we’ll make sure this is corrected.

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