Import Invoice - Amount and Balance

Hi there,
I have recently built an instance of Invoice Ninja V5 and tried to import invoices from a CVS file where following are the columns:
invoice#, customer, date, total, balance, due
Interestingly it won’t import the invoice amount and balance due. CVS is very basic one with six fields. It imports all except total and balance field (those get imported as zeros). Import mapping as follows:
Invoice# ----> Number - Invoice
Customer → Name Client
Date ---------> Date Invoice
Total ---------> Amount - Invoice
Balance ----> Balance - Invoice
Due ---------> Due Date - Invoice

Any advice?

Thank you


I even tried exporting an existing (test) invoice from Reports as a CSV and populated the same CSV with some test inputs and re-imported, still the same issue.

You will need a line item as well (cost x quantity) as the invoice totals are calculated.