Import from self-hosted to hosted doesn't import data

I’ve get a self-hosted version of Invoice Ninja running on shared server - it’s installed through Softaculous and is version 5.3.84. I hit the settings → export button and get a zip file, which looks about right (unzipped it’s a JSON file at about 5.5MB). I’ve then gone to my new free hosted site at and selected import → JSON and uploaded the zip file. I checked both data and settings.

I see a message saying ‘successfully started import’ but nothing else happens at all.

I can’t see any data imported, however things like my company info seem to be in there. I got an email with my logo on it, so something is working, but most stuff is not getting imported at all. No invoices, no clients etc.

Can you help?


@david any thoughts to debug?


Could you please forward the file to us at and we’ll take a look.

Thanks - I’ve just sent now.