Import Expenses via CSV

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I am just trying to import my expenses which I track using Expensify into Invoice Ninja. Expensify allows a great deal of customisation in terms of what data is output into the CSV.

Invoice Ninja allows me to import expenses via Settings → Import/Export → Expenses. However when I map columns from the CSV to values in the Invoice Ninja Database the variables I can access is quite limited.

For example all of the tax and tax exempt purchases have been allocated in Expensify and thus the tax amount is figured out. When I manually edit a receipt in Invoice Ninja I can set taxes to ‘By Amount’ and then enter a ‘Tax Name’ and ‘Tax Amount’, it seems these values can’t be used via CSV Import meaning the only option is to manually input the tax for every already imported expense.

I have also created custom variables for expenses and I can not allocate to these custom variables via CSV Import. There doesn’t seem to be a description field for expenses which describes the purpose of that specific expense, eg. ‘Phone Bill - October’. I can allocate that to another expenses field that I don’t use but creating custom fields for these purposes and allocating that via ‘Map To’ when importing would be ideal.

Am I missing something here or is there another way to do this? If there is no other way to do this is this a feature that is likely to be implemented?

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@david any thoughts?


I made some changes recently to the expense imports, are you on the latest version of the app?

Thanks @hillel and @david!

I just updated to the latest Invoice Ninja via Docker and can see a lot more options for the Map To Function when importing a CSV. Thank you for this.

I’ll have to take a look through the docs to see the difference between Tax Name 1/2/3 and Tax Rate 1/2/3. I’ll be able to make things work by mapping some things to payment type and some to transaction reference.

Are there any plans to be able to Map To Custom Fields that you have created for expenses via Settings?


We’ll add in custom fields for the next release.

Fantastic news, thank you @david, very much appreciated!