Import existing direct debit mandates from gocardless

I am looking to migrate from Quickbooks online to Invoice Ninja, pro hosted version. I currently use gocardless via QBO to automate monthly hosting fees so I already have a full client list with active direct debit mandates, I need to see if I can import these to my Ninja account so I don’t have to request each customer to sign up again to gocardless.

I can generate various exports in csv format from gocardless with customer & mandate IDs, but I can’t see a way of importing this data and matching it to my customers. The main import screen in settings has a limited set of column options to match up and none relate to gocardless.

I added a test customer manually to ninja, sent myself an invoice and clicked the pay button which prompted a normal gocardless signup form, filling this out has added my test customer to gocardless and a “view in gocardless” button has appeared in the client edit screen within ninja, the button URL shows the gocardless customer ID, so the data is being stored somewhere in ninja…I just can’t see where or how to add to it!

Does anyone know if this is possible? It would great to move over to invoice ninja without having an impact on my existing customers.

Sorry, the app doesn’t support importing existing accounts from GoCardless.

Note: to set proper expectations… Invoice Ninja is an invoicing app where as Quickbooks is an accounting app. We believe our invoicing features are much more advanced however it isn’t an accounting system.