Import Customers / Cards from Stripe?


I’m transitioning from another invoicing solution to All customer and default card information is currently stored in Stripe, which is now linked with Invoice Ninja as the primary gateway.

Is there any way to import the Stripe customer and default card information into Invoice Ninja? While I plan to recreate each customer’s recurring billing plan in Invoice Ninja, it would be a huge help if customers could avoid having to re-enter their card information.


Yes, you can export your customer list from Stripe and then import it into the app.

The clients need to exists first and are matched up by their email address.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I exported the customer list from Stripe and was able to successfully import clients, though not sure how to get the card information on file within Invoice Ninja. When viewing the clients via the portal, they don’t appear to have a credit card on file.

Would this process be required to import the credit cards?

I realize it’s intended for migrating away from Stripe as opposed to an integration partner, but not sure how else to go about it.

Did you select ‘Stripe’ in the Invoice Ninja import?

I did, but the import failed, so used CSV instead. (Testing with only one client at the moment.)

I was using an export with “All columns” from Stripe, so tried again with the default 5 columns, but still failing. :frowning:

“The following records failed to import, they either already exist or are missing required fields.”

Does a client exist with a matching email address?

A deleted (archived) client did exist due to testing, so I tried with another client that did not yet exist and the import is still failing for some reason (both with default and all column Stripe exports).

An active client needs to exist with a matching email address for the card to be imported.

I see, so the client needs to exist in both Invoice Ninja and Stripe, then when importing the Stripe file the card will be imported by matching the email address?

I’ve recreated an active client in Invoice Ninja with a matching email address, but when importing the Stripe file the import is still failing (same error message) and unfortunately no card details in the portal.

Yes, that’s correct.

Sorry, not sure…

Hmmm… Any other way to match up the card information? This would be a major roadblock to our Invoice Ninja transition :frowning:

Not that I’m aware of, not sure why it isn’t working…

Understood. Thanks very much for your quick help on this!

What should our next steps be to try to get this resolved? Is there somewhere we should submit a support ticket?
Are you able to recreate the issue on your end?

If you want to email a sample file to I can try to test it.

Sent - let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for the sample file! It worked correctly in my test.

All I can suggest is making sure the email address in the file matches the email address for your client in the app.

So when you imported the sample Stripe file you were able to see card information in the Invoice Ninja portal for that client? Did you receive the “The following records failed to import, they either already exist or are missing required fields” email message?

I’ve tried again with the same file and multiple other clients but having the same issue :frowning: Triple checked that the emails match on each attempt. We’re currently on the trial version but ready to upgrade to Enterprise if we can get this figured out!

I received an email stating “Successfully created 1 customers” and I saw a “View in Stripe” button on the client overview page.

Sorry, not sure…

I purged all account data and archived/re-added Stripe as the primary gateway and now finally getting some success!

One last issue: Some clients are stored in Stripe with two email addresses separated by a semi-colon (e.g. “;”) thanks to our current invoicing system.

When trying to add a new client in Invoice Ninja with this email format, I’m unable to save due to the “The part following ‘@’ should not contain the symbol ‘;’” error message. Is there any way around this limitation?

Ideally I’d add all existing clients with the current “;” format, import from Stripe to match up clients/cards, then clean up clients in Invoice Ninja by separating the email addresses into separate contacts.

Thanks again for your help!

Never mind, figured this out via the Client import.

Thanks so much for the great support. Upgrading to Enterprise shortly!