Import clients/products/invoices into 5.0.21?

Stupid question…

Where is the import / export function located ?

It isn’t yet implemented, for now you’d need to use the API or Zapier

What about exporting certain tables from 4.5.19 and then importing into 5.0.2x?

@bggunnz you can migrate data from V4 to V5, in the latest v4 code in Settings > Account Management you can click migrate and it will transfer your data across.


So, I have version 5.0.21 and 4.5.19 nested below my primary website in different sub folders. In 4.5.19, I click on migrate and the url shows but my InvoiceNinja 5.0.21 is installed in billingz. In order to access the login page for 5.0.21, I HAVE to type rewrite is enabled in the .htaccess file in the billingz folder. The 4.5.19 is installed in and everything works well with only a few mild glitches.