Import Client Data into already existing Client

Hello there,

I imported all of the invoice data from a prior invoicing solution. During this time, it created clients for each invoice. Now, I’m trying to import client data such as phone number, email etc, but it’s creating a new client instead of updating the existing client. The client name matches, but apparently that’s not what the import feature is looking for. What data needs to match in order for the import to update the client data instead of creating a new one?


@david can you please advise?

It isn’t currently possible to update a client using the Import | Export. In These instances, a new client is created. Depending on how many records. you could merge the clients to achieve the update.

Hey there, I have about 500 or so clients, and I’ve gone through 100 of them and merged the clients together. What I’m noticing is, now I have an empty contact for each client. How can I delete these empty contacts? Do I have to go through each client to delete them?


This sounds like something that can be improved from our side when we merge clients.

I’ll get a fix in for this and also update the check data script to soft delete those records. I would recommend not manually deleting.

Thanks guys, great product btw. I’m just getting up to speed but I like it so far. I would suggest improving the overall data migration documentation to make it easier for everyone.

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