Implementation of Time Budget and Email Notification in Ninja Invoice for SLAs


it’s me again. I’m currently migrating more and more to Ninja Invoice because the tool is just awesome, especially in terms of ongoing development.

This time, I have a relatively specific requirement: I would like to set up an individual project for each of our various website SLAs and provide the customer with a specific time budget. This budget should renew monthly. If there’s a risk of exceeding or has already exceeded the time budget, the customer should receive an email with the option to approve the overrun. If the time budget is exceeded for the current month, it should automatically be applied to the subsequent recurring invoice. This would greatly simplify the workflow.

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Thanks for the suggestion, feel free to create an issue on GitHub to request it.

Git Issue Link: [FEATURE REQUEST] Implementation of Time Budget and Email Notification for SLAs · Issue #9110 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub