ImageCodecException Failed to decode image

When attaching images to Quotes (actually this happens when attaching images anywhere), in the preview box I am unable to see the image and see this message:

ImageCodecException Failed to decode image

I tried different images and formats, like jpg and png.

When I use the view option in the image, I can see it properly in the opened window


Does it help to try to view the image using a different platform, ie. web, desktop or mobile app.

Also, are you able to reproduce the issue here:

With the same image, it happens in desktop app (for the same server installation) but it doesn’t happen in the demo link provided.

Maybe some issue with image php library?

Is it failing in both the web and desktop apps on your local install?

Not sure if it’s a PHP issue, if that were the case the link to view the image directly probably wouldn’t work.

Yes, it’s failing in app and web for my local install.