iDeal Mollie only shows crecitcard

Hi, strugling with the gateway setup for Mollie. I setup iDeal as standard payment and in the backend from Mollie also. Pasted the aPI key an profile id but when i send an invoice and want to test it in the portal it only gives an option creditcard which i did not configure. searching my **s off but what am i missing here??

The system will only display payment methods available to the client so currency and country must be iDeal compatible

exactly, that’s why i cannot figure this out. I had a succesful install a few years ago with version 3.x but this one is troubling me.
So I think i setup a client and gateway again to see what’s happening but it looks to me that the gateway is not fully functioning

hmmm just looked at the backend of Mollie and there’s something wrong with the bankaccount i provided. Maybe it can be that this is causing the problem. Lets see if i can solve that one.