I'd realy like to keep my linebreaks

Linebreaks from my product-description or from the time-tracking app get lost in the pdf-conversion.
I used to create new lines with a simple press of “enter key” (\n)
For some reason i’m now required to insert empty lines (\n\n) which creates new paragraphs or linebreaks by markup (<br>) which is realy annoying.
It’s no CSS issue - i tried white-space: pre-wrap; in my invoice-design with no luck - it’s just gone in html and pdf.


Please check that PDF markdown is disabled on Settings > Account Management.

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Hi @hillel,
thank you. Disabeling markdown did the trick - but now i can’t use markdown anymore :roll_eyes:
And when regenerating older documents it leaves me with a mess of # signs wich is honestly more convenient to use than html.

Ok, with markdown I believe the standard is to use two line breaks to add a line break.

I know - thats basically a new paragraph - there is no such thing like linebreak in markdown.
I dont’ know how long that behaviour is the way it is but in v4 it was definitely different.
I guess i can activate markdown again and use bullet-listing notation from now on. I personally would not see a problem adding a nl2br somewhere in the code but maybe others would’nt be so happy about that - don’t know if it’s advisable to do so.
Keep up the good work!

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