I can't convert from quote to invoice


I have Invoice Ninja v5.1.5.

I hava a bugget. When i go to do click for convert budget to invoice, this show a message that said “Successfully converted quote” but the invoice is not created.

I have viewed my log server but this don’t show error, and the log lavaravel neither.

Any suggestion?


Hey there, I can replicate this.

@david @hillel is this expected behavior?

@avanza7 Click Clone to Other… invoice will be an option there.

I think he means he’s converting the quote, not cloning it

Yes, i am trying to convert, not cloning.

Any suggestion of how can i fix it? Thanks.

Hey there, I’m still not sure if this is a bug or it is intented to be used like this. David or Hillel, should reply soon. Thanks for patience.

I am having the same issue @hillel when converting a Quote to Invoice. It shows as “converted”, but there is no new invoice in the system, and the quote details show “Invoice > Pending”

Does it help to logout and then back in? Maybe the new record isn’t getting loaded.

Yes, this did the trick actually.

Ok, thanks for the update. I think this is a different issue we’re looking into…