HU Localisation

Hi all,

first of all, a big thanks and hats-off for the devs, its a cool piece of software!

I would like to contribute to the project by translation and customization to Hungarian tax/bookkeping rules.

Translation will just take time (i have done such things in the past), adopting Invoice Ninja to the HU legal environment will be a bigger challenge (my beloved homeland is a very small but special place on earth … in many ways, including legal).

But, first things first - lets assume all strings are translated, when it will reach release?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The translations are updated every few months, I can’t provide an exact data.

We’re currently working on a new version of the app, you may want to wait to make any code changes.

Note: the translations are managed here (not in the code)

Yes, i have checked and already joined the project on Transifex before posting :slight_smile:

Time-wise translating the missing strings will take some time, so the new app codebase probably will be mature enough by then.

In HU we have about 1M sole traders, so i am seeing a lot of possible users, the only thing is that only a small fraction is fluent in any other language and their clients -even if they speak any other language- expect to be served by hungarian speaking interfaces. And of course, the legal part.

But lets go step by step - if the translation reach 100%, may i request an out-of-schedule pull (incluson in release)?

Sorry, the translations are updated based on the release schedule

OK, understood.

There is something with the Hungarian language in Transifex, its possibly duplicated and i managed to join to the empty one. This might come from language codes, i have seen once “hu” then “hu_HU” mentioned. The hungarian language has no real variant (like en_US/en_GB …) so it makes sense to clean up this somehow. Can you advise please?

Transifex is managed by the community, feel free to translate one and ignore the other

OK, i joined the other team, it might be that i have caused somehow the duplicate by choosing language in Transifex.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for your help with the translations!